Songs for Charity: An interview with Maggie Baugh

Hola friends! Do you know what really a ‘Charity Record’ is? It refers to song which is released for a specific charitable cause. It’s to collect funds for the cause one believes in or to raise awareness on some specific issue. Do you remember the songs from the show ‘Satyamev Jayate’? They were melodious songs with a purpose to serve.  Most of you also know about the very famous ‘We are the World’ by Michael Jackson which was to provide relief to the sufferers of famine in Ethiopia and recent one ‘Ronan’ by Taylor Swift for cancer patients. Just broaden up your love for music, listen to them and help many. Here we bring you an interview with a budding teenage singer in US, Maggie Baugh who has released her first album to help her brothers who have Glycogen Storage Disease (See GSD Life to know more on this) and many others like them around the world including many from India.

Read this exclusive interview and know for yourself. Do follow the links as well to know more about the cause she has sung the song for.

Interviewer: Why did you write Run by the Clock?  (Link to song- Run by the Clock)

Maggie: I wrote this song about my brothers, and their disease, but i also wrote it about everyone getting picked on for being different, especially if they have a disease.

Interviewer: How does GSD effect your life?

Maggie: NO Candy in my house…LOL My brothers can only eat a very little bit of sugar every hour, so we do not have much candy around… But seriously, i am only 13, but as a family, we read every label, on everything we eat. I am learning how to eat healthy, and learning what chemicals in food are good and which ones are not.

Interviewer: Do your brothers like your music?

Maggie: It is fun to watch my brothers sing along to my music. They each have a favorite song! When i showed them the Run by the Clock video, they watched it 10 times…. Of course, they loved their own pictures in the video.

Interviewer: What else about GSD?

Maggie: I got to meet my brothers’ doctor, Dr. David Weinstein, at the university of Florida. Everyone says Dr. W is the very best GSD doctor and researcher in the world. Every time we see him, he asks to hear my new song. He is so good with CJ and Sammy, my brothers, and he is a really cool guy.

WHY GSD, as a charity?

Maggie: I sing at a lot of charity events. I almost always say yes when they ask, and i always perform at charity events for free. But GSD is part of my life. It is a genetic disease and both my brothers have it. That means i am probably a carrier, and my kids might get it. I want to help raise money to find a cure.

Is this your first video?

Maggie: NO! This is my third video, but it was released first. My first video was for the song Middle School, also from the album Only Good Things. you will be able to see this one at, or at my web site, Middle School is a song i wrote at the end of my first year of middle school… It is tough being a kid, but you can survive middle school….

Interviewer: Where can we get the album?

Maggie: Pre-orders are available on my web site, and it will be on itunes after it is released. If you just want to buy the Run by the Clock song, you can by it on my store at
Cost is $1.29 for the song, and $0.99 goes to Dr. Weinstein at Shands Research center with the University of Florida!


Please share my video, and help raise awareness for GSD. I promise it is not too much information, and I think you will enjoy the song! Thank you for supporting me!
Maggie Baugh

Reeti Mahobe

Reeti Mahobe

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